Temporary Housing

Temporary Housing / Rental Assistance

Rental Assistance is often an element of Destination Services offered to relocating employees who don’t own a home. This service helps renting employees settle in to their new location as quickly and as effortlessly as possible. Rental agents are pre-qualified in the destination vicinity, will arrange an area tour, and provide advice on local lease procedures and cancellation requirements. Renters will also receive assistance with important neighborhood, school, and childcare information and resources.

Often times housing arrangements are needed to bridge the gap between the beginning of work in a new location and the move into permanent accommodations. Temporary Housing Companies arrange for living quarters suitable for any family size with a more spacious “home-like” feel at a more cost effective result then an extended hotel stay.

AHI Corporate Housing

Janie Williamson


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Alex Dallas & Associates, Inc.

Alex Dallas


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AR National Short Term Housing

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CWS Corporate Housing

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CWS Corporate Housing

Express Corporate Housing

Jason Rolince

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TP Corporate Lodging

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